Navicon is a system integrator and a leading company in IT consulting and project management in Russia.

The company was founded in 2002. There are more than 250 employees on staff today. The key business lines are budgeting, business analytics, big data management, accounting automation, client relationships, electronic portal and archive development, integration and master data management solutions, as well as IT rollouts for global companies in Russia.

In focus: pharmaceutics, banks and financial industry, professional services, production, FMCG, retail, distribution

Navicon offers its own software products, while more than 50 IT study programs are available at the Company Study Center.

Navicon is Microsoft Gold Partner in ERP, CRM and portal solutions. Navicon is a member of the prestigious international Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club, in which only 5% of Microsoft partners all over the globe are included.

Navicon awarded the IBM Gold Status under IBM Cognos and represents the largest, well-developed and qualified IBM Cognos practice in Russia. Among other vendor companies are Prognoz, Pyramid Analytics, Terrasoft, Tableau.

Navicon completed more than 300 successful projects for Russian and international companies, such as Caspian Pipeline Consortium, Heineken Russia, Sberbank CIB, Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network, Clarins Groupe, Vozrozhdenie Bank, Norvik Banka, Bayer, Sanofi, Belaya Dacha etc.

  • Implementation

    We prepare and implement IT infrastructure and services for businesses. We develop an IT architecture and method in order to provide an optimal process for your business. We implement the IT system and train your employees to work within it.
    Navicon's mission: To exceed our clients' expectations.

  • Support and development

    We strive to build long-lasting relations: 80% of clients choose Navicon as their IT support partner after the initial implementation. We provide all necessary technical support after implementation, including data about IT updates and solutions to any issues that come up. We support migration to new versions. When necessary, we conduct quality assessments of IT systems that were implemented by other contractors. Our support service will provide permanent guidance for your business.
    Navicon principle: Our support means proactivity, reliability and professional expertise.

  • Training

    In our own well-equipped Study Center, we provide training sessions in process automation for businesses, as well as IT administration and management for other IT professionals and users. We have developed more than 50 individual and group training programs for our own employees.
    Navicon principle: We acquire and share knowledge with others.

We respect our clients and love what we do!

Drive, reliability and result

We believe that the success of every project is in achieving results since the very first day. That is why we offer proved, flexible and accessible IT solutions, developed in close cooperation with client’s project team taking into consideration the industry experience. We invest in our own software product development, industry expertise widening and permanent cost reduction, which influence the implementation and ownership costs of IT solutions. This attitude reduces project risks, provides stable and visible result in a short period of time and gives an opportunity to use latest technologies at a reasonable price.

Long-term partnership

We take a risk and responsibility for qualitative innovative technology implementation, because we focus on long lasting IT partnership. Each project is considered an opportunity to support our clients in reaching their goals. We work in the interests of you, developing individual infrastructure and offering personal solutions for your business.

Pointing the way to the future

We follow the way of permanent development and technology perfection, recognizing dynamic development of IT services. Our focus: innovative solutions, able to effectively optimize business processes and shape industry standards for the future. That is why Navicon operates as a business incubator growing ambitious projects, where each promising proposal is considered and can be implemented with a high probability level. Currently we \ predict that 50% of company revenue will be acquired from selling and implementing our own products by 2020.

  • D- Drive

    Do you want to add drive to your business? Come to us - we have plenty of it and we are generous to share it. You will say - great, but what does 'drive' mean? Where is it?

    Well, this is our favorite topic! Take professionalism flavored with experience, mix it with streamlined processes, add speed, motivation, some boldness and ambitiousness - this is the cocktails we call 'drive', which helps us leave our competitors far behind. We are not afraid of roadblocks, complications only steer us forward. That means there is a way to grow and to strive for! We are aware of our goals, we try to achieve them in every our step, we have will and determination to accomplish what we have started.

  • N - New ideas

    Innovation 360 is our working principle! This works very simple - we are seeking for innovation day by day in every tiny part of our work in order to improve our business. To achieve this we analyze your requirements, study the market, create new hypotheses and test them, we experiment and suggest new solutions to realize.

    We invest in education and self-development of each of our employees, develop the culture of 'birth and evolvement' of the ideas inside the company by means of our unique 'Stock exchange of new ideas', as well as through a dedicated working time fund for their testing and realization.

  • Affection to customers

    «Customer always comes first» - what a familiar phrase, isn't it? We hear it too often to take into consideration. But these are not hollow words for us.

    We know how more complex it becomes if one is facing not only the goal to complete the task, go away and forget, but to held the responsibility for the result, foresee and exceed customer's expectations with regard to his priorities. But we select only this way.

Our partners recommend

  • Александр Тихонов, директор департамента аналитических решений IBM в России и СНГ
    «Our partnership with Navicon has been successful for quite a few years. The company enjoys a status of our Premier Partner. It boasts one of the largest, highly developed and qualified practices in Russia on IBM's analytical solutions. I would like to point out the professionalism and deep expertise of our colleagues which have been proven by the big number of joint projects.»
    Alexander Tikhonov, Leader for Big Data & Analytics, IBM Russia/CIS
  • Константин Новиков, Глава департамента бизнес-решений Microsoft в России, Microsoft
    «Navicon has achieved Microsoft Gold Partner status. Navicon currently implements the whole range of our business solutions from Dynamics CRM and ERP to portal solutions and analytics. We appreciate that this partner continually develops its technological and business expertise. Dynamics CRM and ERP endeavor to increase the value of our solutions and services for the Russian market. Navicon always shows its readiness to complete the most difficult tasks for our customers.»
    Konstantin Novikov, Head of Business Solution Department, Microsoft (Russia)
  • Батыр Байзаков, Senior Sales Area Manager - Russia, Tableau
    «To promote Tableau in Russia, we were looking for a partner that has a thorough understanding of business tasks in data analysis and constantly conducts research in new analytical tools. Finally, we found such a partner and this is Navicon. 10-year BI expertise proves that this team is the key actor and the most experienced player on the Russian business analytics market.»
    Batyr Bayzakov, Senior Sales Area Manager - Russia, Tableau
  • Александр Коваль, Директор по развитию партнерской сети компании, Terrasoft
    «Navicon appeared as one of the best CRM experts in Russia. Navicon’s professionals always share new ideas and demonstrate a wide knowledge in their field. Thanks to Navicon’s proactivity and motivation to find non-standard solutions, our clients receive additional value and benefits.»
    Aleksandr Koval, Partner Network Development Director, Terrasoft
  • Георгий Нанеишвили, Директор по развитию партнерской сети компании Qlik в России и странах СНГ.
    «Analytics is now became more accessible to a wider audience. We are sure that if we combine the expertise of Navicon and the unique features of Qlik solutions for business and visual analytics, it will change Russian analytical culture and make all operations with data more simple and engaging for everyone.»
    George Naneishvili, Qlik Russia and CIS Partner Programm Manager
  • Кристи Байлос (Kristie Bylos),  старший менеджер по работе с партнерами, ClickDimensions
    «ClickDimensions is excited to partner with Navicon to help customers streamline their marketing, sales and customer retention efforts. Navicon’s deep knowledge and experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a tremendous benefit, particularly as CRM’s role in business evolves to include more functions and departments. Together, we are helping our mutual customers attract more leads, close more sales and better engage customers through the combined power of Dynamics CRM and the ClickDimensions email marketing and marketing automation solution.” »
    Kristie Bylos, Senior Partner Account Manager, ClickDimensions

Our achievements

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Navicon in development

    • 2015 - 2016
      Navicon joined TOP10 Russian IT companies on BI market. The company signed partnership agreements with Terrasoft, Tableau and Qlik. Navicon became an authorized reseller of IBM SPSS Enterprise, the complex of solutions for predictive analytics and data analysis. The company received the highest partner status of IBM in IBM Cognos product line. Navicon Trade and Navicon Pharma were recognized as the best solutions among Russian partners of Microsoft in the industry suppliers’ competition. Navicon won in the Russian competition of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution providers in the industry “Manufacturing”. The project in Vozrozhdeniye bank was the largest in Russian banking market and received an award of the community of IT directors in Russia, Global CIO, as the best project of the year. Predictive asset management, analytics and optimization planning practices were launched. The number of professionals on staff reached 270.
    • 2013 - 2014
      The company won in the Russian competition among Microsoft technological partners as “Clients’ recognition”. Navicon started working with Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Azure. The company put Navicon SalesOut to the cloud. The project in IZOVOL was awarded with Oscar from Microsoft. Navicon was awarded in nomination “Clients’ recognition” according to Microsoft Pinpoint. Navicon launched its study centre for employees and clients. There were 240 employees.
    • 2011 - 2012
      Navicon joined TOP3 partners in IBM Cognos line. The company operated on the Russian market of CRM solutions for banking and pharmaceutical industry. BI project in Troika Dialog was awarded as the best in Microsoft competition. Navicon became Microsoft Gold Partner in ERP and CRM. Navicon received yearly award Microsoft Dynamics Regional Partner in EMEA. Navicon SalesOut for sales automation became the best BI solution according to Microsoft Partner Awards competition. The number of employees reached 180.
    • 2009 - 2010
      CRM, Microsoft BizTalk Server and 1С business units were established in Navicon. The offices in Kazan and Saint-Petersburg were opened. CRM business line grew very fast. Navicon became the best Microsoft partner in Central and Eastern Europe in Microsoft Dynamics products. Navicon was one of two Russian companies, which joined Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle club in 2009. Navicon received the highest partner status of IBM – IBM Premier Business Partner. There were 120 professionals in the company.
    • 2007 - 2008
      Partnership agreement with IBM (Cognos) was signed. Microsoft SharePoint Server practice was opened. Navicon became the finalist of the Microsoft Dynamics Regional Partner of the Year Award 2007. Navicon was the first Russian company, whose solution was successfully tested and certified on the international scale. The company received status as Certified for Microsoft Dynamics. There were 80 employees in the company at that moment.
    • 2005 - 2006
      Navicon advanced Microsoft partner status and became a Gold Certified Partner. Navicon joined Microsoft President club, which consolidates 5% of the best Microsoft partners in Business Solutions all over the world. The number of projects reached 100. The number of employees reached 60.
    • 2003 - 2004
      The company acquired Microsoft certified partner status in Business Solutions competence. Axapta, Budgeting and Business Analytics business units were launched. Development and support business division were created. The company turnover in 2014 increased 1,5 times compared to the previous period. There were 30 professionals on staff.
    • 2002
      Navicon company was founded. Microsoft became a strategic partner of the company based on the product Microsoft Navision. First clients were attracted. There were 3 employees in the company.
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